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United Kingdom


Commissions: closed
Requests: Friends only/at random
Art Trades Friends only

Reading: Chaos Walking: The Ask and the Answer
Watching: everything
Playing: everything

Thank you for the watches, favourites, and comments!!


Kyousougiga 2 by Ritzueli
Kyousougiga 2
Hahaha what are titles-

I drew this last year for a friend because it's KYOUSOUGIGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

What else am I suppose put in comments

First draw using Clip Studio?
Ashley by Ritzueli

For shotafied because she drew such a beautiful Clara :iconlazepoolplz:

I promise I'll draw Ashley a lot better soon! _(:3/

Shaded/Toned+simple bg = 400+150=550G
Eclair Express: Clara Hatfield by Ritzueli
Eclair Express: Clara Hatfield


Name: Clara Hatfield
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Human
Height: 159cm
Job: General Store Worker
Birthday: Autumn 29


Loved Gifts: Spring flowers, fruit dishes
Liked Gifts: Tea, chocolate, frogs
Disliked Gifts: Failed dish, raw fish
Hated Gifts: Junk ore, mushrooms
(I'm honestly writing from what I remember from the games....;;; )


Coming from a small village doesn't mean that you would be a quiet and reserved one when it comes to meeting new people. In fact, Clara is an out-going young lady who would be more than happy to make friends with just about anyone she feels comfortable around. She does have her shy moments too.

Despite her looks, she is pretty selfish , particularly if it comes to food. Though this is probably more associated with greed or gluttony....

She is a responsible person, often had the job of looking out for younger brother and helping her parents with their job. However, if a task provided is not within her capabilities, she'll either decline or ask for help.

Outside of work duties, however, she can be mischievous, a trait that clutched on to her whenever she was with her brother, often playing pranks on their parents. This side of her is usually seen when she is with close friends and family.

Clara is rather confident in herself and can be optimistic towards the world. Her confidence can, unfortunately, bring out her narrow-minded self if provoked, though it probably won't take much to annihilated her confidence if the right words and actions were used. In those moments, she becomes rather quiet and paranoid, taking minutes or days to return to her usual, bright self.

Learning new things or skills is something Clara is keen on doing, though she knows there are limits to what you can or can't do! She'll keep trying and would probably give up if she can't achieve it after several tries.

Clara has lived a pretty ordinary life. Nothing much going on around the village she calls home and going out on rare family trips to the towns in the surrounding area.

Living a town life had been something Clara had often dreamt about. It was, after all, a larger community and probably has more people out and about than in her quaint, little village which was slowly declining in population. Though she had visited towns in the area, none had looked appealing to her at all. The mundane scenery and dull buildings were everywhere and on the up side, they were close to home. She decided that if they were her only choices, then she'll just have to cope with it.
Her parents were more than happy to help her look, though they were upset that there would be a lack of hands in the small family-run travellers' lodge.

On a typical day, her parents had their hands full dealing with a client's request (complaint?), and Clara decidedly helped with the post and paperwork since she had restocked the small amount of things they sell. Besides, the letters have been unsorted for the last few days.
Bills, postcards, letters that probably did not concern her.... and a brightly coloured leaflet.

If the colours weren't enough to catch her eyes, the words 'Toffee Town' were enough for her to unconditionally jump on to the next available train

Additional Info:
- When she holds a grudge, she holds it.
- Tone-deaf
- cannot multi-task (you're asking for a disaster to happen)
- She likes frogs, but she can't tolerate toads.

RP methods:
I'm an all-rounder (notes, skype, line, chatroom, docs), though you can ping me on line, skype or my Twitter for any other method!

I can do both script and literature, just let me know which is best! A forewarning that my English isn't particularly great.

I'm more likely to answer on Line or Skype because my phone is constantly on me....
Flame Dance by Ritzueli
Flame Dance
My OC Yanna from a story and world of mine...

Which I'm still trying to piece together.... ;;;

A dragon of divine origins???

//laughs at my limited colour palette on this
As we all know, I've been pretty dead here ' u '

2012 - 2015 has been a rollercoaster ride between drawing and my uni course

I've finally completed the theory side of my course and just completing my final clinical hours for my degree before I graduate in July!

Hopefully it means I can spare more time drawing than working on assignments in my spare hours!

I spend A LOT of time on Twitter which you can follow here if you wish!

Thank you for the watches, favourites and comments over the last 2-3 years!

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